Thursday, 29 January 2009

How The Moon Became Strange – A Right Ripping Yarn (Part The Second)

Part The Second - The Mysterious Element

Even a jaded old soak like myself had to admit that the Professor's laboratory truly was a marvel of the modern scientific method. Omnigyrotascopes, contrafibrillators and various other oddments, gewgaws and knick knacks littered the room. Not being of a particularly scientific bent, I made my way to the drinks cabinet (no self-respecting laboratory should be without one) and poured myself a stiff one.

"Come on, then, old thing, what's the nefarious scheme of the day?" I prodded.

"Let me show you first my new discovery. This... is Motelonium!"

With an overly theatrical flourish of a type favoured by melodramatic Mediterraneans, Prof M. whisked a cover off an unprepossessing bell jar to reveal what can only be described as a greeny purpley orange-ish lump of stuff.

Underwhelmed was not the word. However, as I was there (and there was still a goodly proportion of the brandy bottle remaining), I decided to humour the old loon.

"What's it for, old sock, eh?"

"It powers this!" exclaimed the good Professor.

He pointed to the other side of the room where an enormous rocket ship stood, previously unnoticed by me.

"Ah," said I, "I have a sinking feeling that tells me I know where this is headed..."

To Be Prolonged

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