Friday, 30 January 2009

How The Moon Became Strange – A Right Ripping Yarn (Part The Third)

Part The Third - An Unexpected Journey

As I hurtled towards the heavens in a small canister of death, I ruminated on how I came to be in this unenviable position. I also began to curse the day that the Professor and his scatter-brained scheme had wondered into my life.

We had been talking in the old thing's laboratory and he was about to entreaty me for a fat barrel of cash. I must admit, not being of a scientific inclination and feeling the soporific effects of the brandy somewhat, my body began to sag with fatigue. Upon deciding to sit down, I felt the seat beneath me give in a most unprecedented manner. Not being used to odd movements beneath my seat, I turned to inspect my choice of chair and discovered a depressed lever.

The roaring sound that filled the laboratory next, accompanied by a gout of flame and smoke from the rocket, was not altogether comforting. I felt myself being dragged over to the contraption (with scarcely enough time to rescue my bottle of brandy, might I add) and, before I knew it, being unceremoniously hurried inside.

As the Professor struggled with the controls, I attempted to steady my hands enough to pour myself a preparatory travelling snifter (again, purely for medicinal purposes). However, my drink was lost as, with a roaring noise, burst of flame and hideous screech of rending metal, we departed Mother Earth for the uncertain heavens.

This day was proving to be most vexatious.

To Be Sustained

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