Saturday, 31 January 2009

How The Moon Became Strange – A Right Ripping Yarn (Part The Fourth)

Part The Fourth - Journey's End

We hurtled onwards through the inky blackness of space. Space air is rather thicker than normal Earth air so the effect was not entirely dissimilar to pushing through watery treacle. Minutes began to stretch into hours as we ploughed ever onwards.

To be perfectly frank, I began to tire of Prof. M's near-constant self-aggrandising. At one point, I was beginning to think that there would soon only be enough room for the Professor and his ego. This, combined with the soporific effect of several large brandies, was enough to push me gently into the land of Nod. My dreams were strange affairs, haunted by the unseen presence of hairy creatures around me.

My slumber was cut short, however, by a sudden lurching of the capsule. We had landed! Prof M. was hurrying exciting around, checking instruments and suchlike. I was concerned with more important endeavours - fortunately, the container for my alcoholic libations had remained intact.

The Prof seemed satisfied that whatever was outside would be safe for investigation. Personally, if it wasn't the outside of the club, I'd have been content to linger exactly where I was. However, the Professor's hectoring tone informed that this was not an option open to me.

We disembarked from the space-bound receptacle. What we saw upon emerging nearly made me lose my bottle (of brandy)...

To Be Elongated

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