Sunday, 1 February 2009

How The Moon Became Strange – A Right Ripping Yarn (Part The Fifth)

Part The Fifth - Brave New World

A greenish landscape, cut through with swathes of purple stretched out before us, interrupted only by small volcanic craters, bubbling away with an unidentified sulphurous substance. Weaving their way through this strange landscape were several strange creatures. Initially, their small stature, wide, flat faces and curiously inexpressive features led me to believe that we may have returned to Earth somewhere in the vicinity of Aberystwyth. However, upon closer examination, the third eye in the centre of their forehead coupled with the five waving tentacled appendages dispelled this theory.

The Prof and I found ourselves ushered along by these strange moon creatures. Their polite invitation to join them was punctuated by occasional prods with long-handled spears, just to ensure we were in no doubt as to their intentions of enforced hospitality.

After some time trudging through this strange new landscape, we found ourselves at the mouth of a cave. The dour-faced little chaps ushered us inside but would go no further themselves. If I had been capable of gauging any emotion from Welshy faces, I imagine it would have been fear.

A dull roaring noise from somewhere in the dark recesses of the cave served only to reinforce that opinion. After a brief conference with the Prof, we decided to curtail our visit and return forthwith to our means of conveyance. As we leaped over the heads of our tiny tormenters and sprinted for the safety of our capsule, the little flat-faced savages gave chase.

We had the advantage of height but they knew the terrain and were soon beginning to gain on us. At the rate they were gaining, we weren't going to make it to the rocket before they caught up with us...

To Be Lengthened

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