Thursday, 19 February 2009

Deathly Peril At The Volcano’s Edge - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Flight Into Danger

We took to the skies and, after some relatively uneventful hours of flight, I left Big John in charge and headed back into the plane for some rest. Suddenly, I heard a noise, as if someone where shiftily moving about within the recesses of the plane. I grabbed my trusty revolver, Betsy, and made my way into the cabin. What foul fiend awaited me? Had one of my deadly enemies stowed away? The Fiendish Finger maybe? Or maybe Hypno Mesmerio? Worse still, could it be my evil twin brother, Dirk, long presumed dead in a hideous fiery zeppelin crash?

A shadow moved out at me and I leapt. I wrestled the mysterious figure to the ground and took a close look. Imagine my surprise to find myself lying atop the wriggling body of the lovely Lucy Lovelady. I made my excuses and stood, somewhat awkwardly.

"Lucy, that was gosh-darned foolish. I had my weapon poised – it could have gone off at any time!", I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, Doc," breathed she, "but I couldn't let this scoop get away. This could be the biggest one I've ever seen. Let me come with you. I won't get in the way. And I could even cook and clean up around here for you. You could use a woman's touch."

Being a manly man who isn't immune to the charms of a lady, I could hardly refuse her (especially as we were several thousand feet over open water and throwing her out would hardly have been gentlemanly). Besides, I admired her spunk. As I righted myself and Lucy, a small shape suddenly barrelled from the rear of the plane and caught me off-balance, knocking me to the ground.

"Don't forget me, I'm coming along too!" squealed the little cannonball. It was my faithful if somewhat irritating ward, Little Jimmy. I righted the two of us and patted him on the head. My affectionate tap had been somewhat harder than intended as I had to pick the little fella back up again afterwards.

"Well, I guess the gang's all here." I resolved there and then to finish teaching Little Jimmy some of the finer, and coincidentally more violent, points of Peruvian chess. "I guess we'd better-"

There was a sudden lurch and the three of us were thrown about the cabin.

"Big John! What in tarnation's going on??" I hollered.

"We've been hit, Doc! Ain't lookin' none too good!", he yelled in return.

There was further sickening lurch and we were thrown backwards as the plane began to spiral downwards towards the waiting embrace of the cruel, cruel sea...

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