Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Furry Doom – A Cautionary Tale (Part The Third)

Part The Third

I awake from fevered dreams; dreams of being hunted by unknown hirsute pursuers. My skin is clammy with the sweat of the preceding night’s terrors. The anticipation is almost physical; I can feel the oppressive weight of my impending doom pushing down upon me. I defied the squirrels and won. What fearsome retribution awaits me on my journey today?

But all is quiet as I warily trudge my daily route. Whither the furred peril of days past? The silence unnerves me. No hint of a rustle do I hear. No sign of bushy-tailed movement do my eyes detect. Is this another ruse, another attempt to lower my defences prior to some tiny pawed attack?

I reach my destination, unimpeded by squirrely rampage. My apprehension would seem to have been for nothing. Could it be that Serendipity has smiled upon me, that I have somehow escaped their foul clutches? I allow myself to begin to feel hope. But in the pit of my stomach I know that this is merely the calm before the storm....

To Be Expanded

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