Sunday, 22 February 2009

Deathly Peril At The Volcano's Edge - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Jungle Fever

Sweat dripped from our every pore as we hacked and slashed our way through the teeming jungle which surrounded the ominous volcano on all sides. After a prolonged period of humid trudging, our spirits began to flag. Even the luscious Lucy Lovelady began to look a little less lovely in the tropical heat.

A stealthy rustling nearby attracted my attention. I swung round, poised to deliver two-fisted fury upon any potential peeping Percy's but was too late. There was a thunderous crash and I fell to the ground as the world went black....

I came round to find that we had reached our destination - we were trussed up like Christmas turkeys on a ledge overlooking the gaping maw of volcanic doom. I took in our seemingly hopeless predicament and suddenly received a more pleasant surprise.

"Perfesser!" I cried, for it was he, similarly trussed up and looking slightly the worse for wear.

"Felicitations, fearless leader," he replied, "and my deepest apologies for embroiling you in this maliciously sulphurous death trap. My attempts to resist our taciturn captors proved decidedly feeble, I'm sorry to say."

I used this opportunity to take a good look at our incarcerators. Dressed all in black, head to foot, with only their eyes showing, there was something familiar about these ninja-like foes. They stood - silent, immobile and mysterious - in that tedious way that ninjas do.

My musings were cut short, however, by cruel, mocking laughter which cut through the air. I turned as much as I was able to see our mysterious enemy.

My eyes widened in surprise!

"That's not possible!" I exclaimed.

The mocking laughter drew closer....

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