Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Dirty With Desire - A Chaply Challenge (Part The Second)

Part The Second – Opening Moves

With a gesture, Lord Harry motioned over the waiter and placed a few choice words in his ear. Moments later, said waiter materialised alongside of our vision of beauty with a glass of champagne and a gentle incline of the head in our direction. She smiled and saluted us with her flute. Being slightly quicker off the mark, I returned the gesture before His Lordship had a chance to do so. Round One to the Squire (and without costing me a bean to boot).

With a minor victory to the Kirkian side, The Beest was prompted to move in a more direct fashion. Girding his loins and smoothing his mustaches, the man launched himself into the fray. From my vantage point, I was free to observe the Lord at work. At this point, I wasn't overly concerned. While he did indeed possess a set of fine lady-pleasing whiskers, my own set of lip-warmers have been known to set hearts and knees a-flutter across the land.

While I was a little too far way to overhear, I could see from the patented moves that His Lordship was going for a traditional approach: a flattering comment about her hair, a mild joke about ladies things such as needlepoint and the offer of further champagne. She accepted but, by the tilt of her body, I could tell the randy old bugger was singularly failing to entice her.

He returned a slightly crest-fallen man and, I have to admit, I couldn't fault the chap's technique: it was a textbook Beeson play which had, in the past, reduced many a lady to putty in his depraved hands. There was only one thing for it – it was time for the good Squire to intervene...

To Be Furthered

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